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ARTIST: Stephanie Prole
TITLE: Hotel Soap
MEDIUM:  Acrylic on canvas
DIMENSIONS: 610 x 610mm
DATE: 2019

ARTIST: Stephanie Prole
TITLE: Small Window
MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas
DIMENSIONS: 610 x 610mm
DATE: 2019

Artist Statement -

Hotel Soap
This artwork, while based on an actual bar of soap that the artist found in a hotel, can serve to remind us of the transient and fragile nature of our lives.  We must not forget that we are all tourists in life, and that we should learn to appreciate each moment before it dissolves into memory.

Small Window
This piece uses a building as a metaphor for the body and the artist’s relationship with aging, beauty, and finding beauty when it appears to have disappeared. The piece is also a reminder that when we take the time to slow down and look around us, a new appreciation for hidden details can be found.

Bio -

Stephanie Prole is a largely self-taught artist who paints from her home studio in Werribee. She creates vibrant contemporary artworks that draw inspiration from both nature and her suburban surroundings. Stephanie’s work combines her life in Australia, memories of growing up in New Zealand, feelings of daydreams and youth, being in nature, and her mind's conflicting love of both order and mess. Stephanie’s abstract artworks play with the contrast between patterns and disarray, with an aim of “balanced chaos” in each finished piece. Her realism and pop art pieces use unconventional colour to draw unexpected beauty and whimsy from seemingly mundane subjects.

Stephanie’s work has been shown in local exhibitions including the Wyndham Art Prize and the Little River Art Show. Her pieces sit in private collections both in Australia and overseas.

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