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ARTIST: Stephanie Lenehan
TITLE: Inquietude 1
MEDIUM:  Photograph printed on Canson Platine Fibre Rag
DIMENSIONS: 254 x 305mm
DATE: 2020

ARTIST: Stephanie Lenehan
TITLE: Inquietude at Grand Central Station
MEDIUM:  Photograph printed on Canson Platine Fibre Rag
DIMENSIONS: 254 x 305mm
DATE: 2020

Artist Statement -

Inquietude 1. 10th of May 2020
In this black and white portrait, a young woman’s eyes are censored by an orange line. This concept surrounds the idea that moments are fleeting. What once was, is no more. The colour has been drained to reflect the fact that photographs only exist in the past.

In my Inquietude Series I tapped into the concept of restlessness and disturbance. The model in this picture captures the birthday girl in total stillness. A feeling all too familiar for overthinker’s alike. Maybe someone didn’t show up at the party, maybe someone unwanted did. The realisation that another milestone has passed without the sense of accomplishment it promised can suddenly leave you in this moment of reflection. The party continues around you but you, in the middle of it all, inquietude.

Inquietude At Grand Central Station. 17th of August 2017
In a near-empty hallway of a train station that could pass for a ballroom, a woman stands in the centre. The only colour is a single orange line that obscures her eyes, this symbolises a question, can memories ever do justice for the things we only ever experience once?

The moment is captured when a young woman from a small country town in rural Victoria found herself at one of New York’s most iconic locations. How could she actually physically stand in the place she had only known of through TV? On a map she would see ‘You Are Here’ and it never did feel quite real. She wanted to shake the passers-by, the strangers on their daily commute. “I AM HERE” she wanted to yell. All at once, pure presence. Her desire to travel, her need to experience something new and have adventures of her own led her here. The hustle and hassle and anxiety that normally surrounded her cloudy brain, if just for one photograph, left.

Bio -

I have always had some kind of creative project on the go. Collaging, painting, screen-printing, you name it - I’ve made a mess of it. I was raised in Port Fairy before moving to Melbourne to study a business degree at La Trobe University. I have travelled from Cambodia to Scotland, Iceland to Canada, even living in Bristol for a year. With every adventure I have met people who have inspired new ways of displaying the swirly-lopsided maze that seems to be my inner monologue. Tasting foreign food, seeing famous landmarks, losing luggage and sleeping on airport floors has opened my eyes into this particular experiment of self-expression/explanation.

Having mostly focused on abstract paintings using a mixture of acrylic and hi-flow acrylic paint, I have loved exploring the combination of colours, textures and contrast. While my art has always been highly praised by my Mum, it had never occurred to me that anyone outside of our humble abode would consider me an artist. I’ve learnt that being afraid of putting yourself out there is way more embarrassing than making a fool of yourself. So here we are: lost, found, creative, and pretending to know what to do next.

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