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ARTIST: Moreen Wellington Lyons
TITLE: On Country is Home
MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas
DIMENSIONS: 500 x 500mm
DATE: 2019

ARTIST: Moreen Wellington Lyons
TITLE: Gariwerd Rainbow Serpent
MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas
DIMENSIONS: 400 x 400mm
DATE: 2019

Artist Statement -

On Country Is Home
My painting is the story of community, meeting together, quiet reflections and communing with the great Spirits, Bunjil.  

The Gariwerd calendar has six distinct weather seasons as recognised by the custodians fof the Gariwerd region (the Grampians).  Koojong is eel season late summer, Gwangal Moronn the honey bee, Chuunup winter is Cockatoo season, Larneuk Nesting Birds, Petyan Spring time season of wildflowers and Ballambar early summer time for butterflies.

Gariwerd Rainbow Serpent
Gariwerd Rainbow Serpent is represented in both my paintings and is the overseeing spirit of environment.  Gariwerd Rainbow Serpent is cheeky, enjoys the laughter of its People’s and oversees respect for land as an obligation of the Custodians.  Rainbow Serpent rewards us with plentiful bush tucker, rains and sunny days. When lands are not respected Gariwerd Rainbow Serpent becomes angry bringing storms, floods, drought, bush fires and food shortages.

Keeping a balance between our Spirits, Physical Being, Lands and Environment underpins Community and is our responsibility as Sovereign Peoples.

Bio -

I am a proud Jaadwa women of the Wojobaluk Nations in central Victoria.  A mature emerging artist I have been painting for just over twelve months. Working within Community toward closing the Gap is important to me and close to my heart.  I was the Chief Executive Officer at Aboriginal Community Elders Services in Melbourne and more recently commenced as a senior leader with First People Health and Wellbeing.

Painting is deeply personal and culturally meaningful, it’s an opportunity to express myself in storytelling. Dr. Megan Evans, Wyndham City Council’s art curator offered me the opportunity to participate in an artist pathway program and provided welcomed mentorship to me as I entered a new creative space.

Wyndham Art Gallery
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