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ARTIST: Michelle Ripari
TITLE: Dad’s Beast
MEDIUM:  Coloured pencil on paper
DIMENSIONS: 297 x 420mm
DATE: 2015

ARTIST: Michelle Ripari
TITLE: Discarded
MEDIUM: Coloured pencil on paper
DIMENSIONS: 297 x 420mm
DATE: 2016

Artist’s Statement -

Dad’s Beast
The Ford Falcon XY could be described as a beast of a vehicle. A classic muscle car which stands out on the road, especially with the beautiful vibrant purple, called ‘Wild Violet’. In this drawing, I wanted to fill the frame with only a section of the car which makes it recognisable. Large metal bumpers, round headlights with badge model adorned on the grill. This car was my dad’s pride and joy and brings many fond memories of childhood.

Saltwater Community Centre created the perfect backdrop for this more contemporary artwork. I wanted to focus on ugly and discarded objects, typically dumped rubbish and building materials, from concrete pipes to plastic and cardboard. My intention was to transform such wasted materials into something beautiful, so I changed the colours from dull greys and browns that the eye usually glances over, into brighter hues that the eye wants to remember.

Bio - 

Michelle Ripari has loved working with coloured pencils since 2014, participating in numerous selected and group exhibitions, including Napier Waller Art Prize finalist, Wyndham Art Prize four-time finalist and awarded Highly Commended at the prestigious Camberwell Art Prize. Michelle has also been a judge of art prizes, a teacher and facilitator for classes and workshops, including school workshops, for over three years.

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