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Artist in Conversation

Artist in Conversation with Prue Stent & Honey Long, Anastasia Klose and moderated by Dr Hannah McCann.

Available online to listen to from 5pm on Thursday 18 FEB 2021

Collaboration, performance, and femininity - Honey Long, Prue Stent and Anastasia Klose talk all things pink and feminism with Dr Hannah McCann in a dialogue that searches for an understanding between art practice, academic research and lived experience to find out – where is feminism now?

From 5pm on Thursday, February 18 2021 you can access an abridged recording of this panel discussion through the link here.

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PINK Photo Booth

Book in for our fun, pink photo booth at West End Experience, 12 – 14 February!

Presented as part of PINK, local artist Ceardai Demelza has created an underwater world where Denise (they/them) a pygmy seahorse, male and pregnant, lives. Pygmy seahorses mimic the colour of the coral they live on; like all of us, Denise has adapted to fit into their environment. Explore Denise’s pink-hued coral home and have your photograph taken by our professional photographer.

The photo-booth is an opportunity to reflect on gender expression and stereotypes. Marvel in the magnificence of Denise – we invite you to dress up for this photographic moment (perhaps, a snorkel or goggles?). Everyone takes home a printed postcard image.

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