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ARTIST: Duain Kelaart
TITLE: Chupacabra – Gargoyle Hybrid
MEDIUM: Paper Mache, glow-in-the-dark glass taxidermy eyes, bedsheets (cloth), air dry clay, acrylic paint, fur fabric, clothe hangers, steel wires.    
DIMENSIONS:1230l x 880h x560w mm
DATE: 2020

ARTIST: Duain Kelaart
TITLE: Al Drago
MEDIUM: Paper mache, air dry clay, glass taxidermy eyes, electronics (Arduino, LEDs, Mini-speaker), bedsheets (cloth), acrylic paint, clothe hangers, pine wood (custom cut plaque). 
DIMENSIONS:590l x 500h x 500w mm
DATE: 2019

Artist’s Statement -

I am a young artist hungry for novelty and seek meaningful challenge in my work. I relish difficulty because after the triumph lies great personal pride and fulfilment accompanied with the experience. My development or growth as an artist over the last year has facilitated the intuitive shift of focus from 2D creations to 3D sculptures. I have had the opportunity to integrate more elements, namely, electronics for added impact and influence on viewers. As I am sure other artists can relate, anything worth creating requires patience and the suspension of judgement in the beginning stages.

Bio - 

I am a 19 year old artist/sculptor who lives in Hoppers Crossing. I have taken part in several art comps and have won three awards at the Wyndham “3AW 693 Cultural Encouragement Awards” for years 2006, 2007 and 2010 in age categories 5-12. Thereafter my work was on display at Beta Sigma Phi Art comp 2015 and later displayed/shortlisted at Wyndham Art Prize 2019. I also have some experience using Adobe photoshop via successfully completing a Certificate 2 in Creative Industries and have some practical workplace experience by undertaking structured workplace learning at Minute Man Werribee as a part of my VCAL certificate.

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