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ARTIST: Angela Hickey
TITLE: Commuter - Destination Unknown
DATE: 2019

Artist’s Statement -

Set in Melbourne’s Southern Cross Train Station, the torment, drudgery and struggles of the workforce are captured through a contemporary dancer – the commuter whose destination is unknown, portraying these struggles amongst the backdrop of commuters on their way to work, sacrificing their days for the betterment of someone else.

Featuring Contemporary Dancer Abi Bannon

Bio - 

I’m an emerging multidisciplinary artist, who has completed a Creative Arts (Honours) Degree specialising in visual arts. I’ve exhibited in a number of galleries and also have been commissioned or involved in the creation of a number of art works for public art projects. I reside in the City of Wyndham, with a practice that includes video, performance, installations, photography and paintings. My creative practice explores the concepts of self, identity and how we perform in our everyday lives. My practice is informed by my interest in what is our true self. Specifically, how do we adapt to the particular environment we find ourselves in, seeking to explore how people’s behaviour adapts to these different environments.

A number of my works have been created by undertaking performances in specific social spaces and places and drawing upon the surroundings, circumstances and location to inform the narrative I’m seeking to create.  As part of my practice, I have placed performers in well-known public places and spaces, mainly within the Melbourne CBD, using this space as a stage.

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